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Events of partners: Cash Circulation + Self-Service. Banking and Retail 2018: the number of speakers and partners keeps growing!

The Jubilee 10th International Forum “Cash circulation + Self-Service. Banking and Retail 2018” will take place in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center on November 14-15, 2018. The event, which is expected to be unique in terms of the number and mixture of participants, will be dedicated to the current state and development prospects of cash circulation, banking and payment industry in Russia, other Eurasian Economic Union member states, and globally.

During the two days of the Conference industry experts will share their experience, inform about the results of the most ambitious and promising projects, highlight current problems, and present their vision of the industry development.

The list of Plus-Forum Conference speakers includes:

  • Arkady Trachuk, General Director, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak”*
  • Stanislav Kuznetsov, Board Chairman Deputy, Sberbank of Russia*
  • Vladimir Demidenko, Deputy Director, Cash Circulation Department, Bank of Russia
  • Valery Chulkov, Member of the Board, Head of Operations Department, VTB
  • Georgiy Luntovsky, Head of Association of Banks of Russia
  • Leonor Machado, Сhair of the Cash Working Group, European Payments Council (EPC), General Manager, Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • Nena Vukicevic, Managing Director- Europe & Africa, Currency Research
  • Eric de Putter, Managing Partner, Payment Redesign
  • Ilya Filatov, Chairman of the Executive Board, member of board of directors, MTS-Bank
  • Alexey Ponomarenko, Senior Managing Director, Head of Department, Cash circulation management Centre, Sberbank of Russia
  • Danil Shishnyov, Executive Director – Head of Business Development ATM / Kiosks at Sberbank of Russia
  • Vladimir Kozinets, Director of the Department of Treasury and Risk Management, ROLF Group of Companies
  • Alexey Tanyanskiy, Deputy Financial Director, Retail chain Magnit
  • Evgeniy Veber, Head of Automated Deposit Machines project, retail chain Magnit
  • Denis Korovin, Head of IT department, Selgros Cash & Carry
  • Elena Tishakova, Financial Inspector, AUCHAN Retail Russia
  • Alexander Stranichkin, Head of Department, ‘East’ Regional Directorate, Settlement Center, GAZPROMNEFT BUSINESS-SERVICE
  • Anna Nesterova, Executive Director, Retail Business department, Special Solutions division, Sberbank of Russia
  • Nadezhda Malyukh, Cash circulation Director, Alfa-bank
  • Andrey Zharskiy, Managing DirectorSberbank of Russia
  • Sergey Kulik, Head of Cash Circulation direction, Standard Payment Products department, Gasprombank
  • Igor Korolev, Project Manager, banking department, OTKRITIE bank
  • Dmitriy Yevstafyev, Politologist, Professor, National Research University, Higher School of Economics
  • Alexey Fomichev, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Technology, Business Development Director, Gamma-Center
  • Sergey Barsukov, President, Profindustry
  • Kirill Pivovarov, Head of Self-service Banking Platform, CFT
  • and many others

* Invited, confirmation pending

The Forum participants will analyze today’s cash circulation and cash handling ecosystem, as well as self-service banking infrastructure facilitating effective access of citizens to cash. The participants will also express their opinions regarding the necessity of further improvements of the ecosystem and infrastructure.

The Forum will focus on the most promising business cases reflecting various scenarios of banking services and cash circulation transformation under the pressure of continuous digital banking development. The presentations will cover new capabilities and tasks of the self-service device networks resulting from the integration of biometrics identification, mobile NFC-transactions at ATMs, assisted services, etc. Forum participants will discuss the best practices of ATM network monetization in the new economic realities, factors of self-collection efficiency, as well as new challenges arising from the further digitalization of banking and financial services in general.

Special attention will be paid to the security of offline banking and cash circulation, including the issues of countering cyber attacks and further development of the new approaches to cash collection.

Six sessions will be held during the two days of the Conference:

  • Cash circulation in Russia and globally. Cash circulation in the Russian Federation and globally. Multi-vector trends and forecasts in the era of digital society
  • Advanced concepts and technological solutions
  • Banking and retail Business, products, and services. On either side of partnership
  • Banking infrastructure. Branches. Tasks, concepts, solutions and services
  • ATM and terminal networks. Business and technology – advanced features. Immediate and midterm prospects
  • Banking security 2018. From counterfeiting to physical and cyber threats. Countermeasures: expert business-cases

Alongside the Conference and round tables, the Forum will feature the most representative exhibition of equipment, technologies and business solutions from major Russian and international companies. Confirmed Forum sponsors and partners

We invite vendors to participate in the event! To inform us about your decision, please write to Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee Konstantin Grizov at konstantin@plusworld.ru or call +7 925 005 40 05.

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