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Events of partners: Cash Circulation + Self-Service. Banking and Retail 2018: the number of speakers and partners keeps growing!

The Jubilee 10th International Forum “Cash circulation + Self-Service. Banking and Retail 2018” will take place in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center on November 14-15, 2018. The event, which is expected to be unique in terms of the number and mixture of participants, will be dedicated to the current state and development prospects of cash circulation, banking and payment industry in Russia, other Eurasian Economic Union member states, and globally…

Human Capital Forum-2019 will be held

On 3 May  2019 will be held Human Capital Forum-2019 by Azerbaijan Banks AssociForum has the purpose of making exchange of experience on encouraging staff to support innovations in the field of human resources and discussing the opportunities …

III Banking Forum-Exhibition will be held by Azerbaijan Banks Association

Cashless economy: transformation from traditional banking toward digital banking      On November 2018, III Banking Forum will be held  by Azerbaijan Banks Association. III Banking Forum-Exhibition will be focused on Cashless economy: transformation from traditional banking toward digital banking.       Forum has the purpose of being the platform for dicussing new and upcoming trends in financial technologies,blockchain and security,by bringing […]