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October PLUS-Forum 2019. Main topics of key cash circulation event announced

The 11th International PLUS-Forum ‘Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail’ will be held by The PLUS Journal in Moscow on October 2–3, 2019. The event is focused on the current state and development prospects of cash circulation, banking and payment industry in Russia, the Eurasian Economic Union member states, and other countries.

This year the Forum will discuss a number of topical issues, including:

  • Cash circulation in the RF and globally. Banks, retail and consumer
  • Payment infrastructure today. Will Asia’s multi-vector trends go global?
  • Faster Payment System and its impact on the cash circulation
  • Biometrics. Contactless. Cardless ATM transactions
  • Issues related to the interaction between retail and the banking sector
  • Improving access to the banking services for people with disabilities. Prospective technologies
  • Physical and cyber attacks on ATM and branch infrastructure and other interesting topics

The number of speakers is growing. To date, the list of those who have confirmed their participation in #cashforum 2019 includes:

Maria Guseva, Senior Principal, Management Consulting Practice for Financial Services Sector, Accenture

Roel van Anholt, Head of Service Office, Geldmaat (ATM network of three major Dutch banks: ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank)

Valery Chulkov, Board Member, VTB Bank

Andrey Korolev, Vice President, Gazprombank

Samat Sattarov, Director, Treasury Department, Magnit

Elena Chigirinskaya, Head of Cash Operations and Collection, Department of Business Operations Support, VTB

Evgeny Zhilov, Head of Settlements, Transactional Business Department, Alfa Bank

Elena Tishakova, Director of Treasury and Corporate Finances, OZON

Vladimir Kozinets, President of Corporate Treasurers Association, Head of Treasury and Risk Management Department, Rolf Group

Oleg Braginsky, Founder of the School of Troubleshooters, Braginsky Bureau Director

Vsevolod Khomenko, Head of Financial Research Projects, NAFI Analytical Center

Vyacheslav Chvanov, Deputy Head of Self-Service Devices and Acquiring, Department of Business Operations Support, VTB

Alexey Belousov, Advisor for Security Printing Products

Alongside the conference the Forum will host an exhibition of equipment, technology and business solutions from leading companies.

The PLUS-Forum is an ideal opportunity for the businesses to present their solutions and products to the target audience, whatever format of participation is chosen. Take your place among the market leaders now!

We invite speakers and vendors to take part in the event!

To inform us about your decision, please write to: konstantin@plusworld.ru or call +7 925 005 40 05 (Konstantin Grizov, Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee).

As part of the PLUS Forum, a hushed Session “Security features of banknotes and their identification. Banknotes Problems. Solutions”. The session will focus on the basic principles and phases of the generation of security features of the Bank of Russia’s notes and foreign currencies.

Aleksey Belousov, Advisor for Security Printing Products,  and independent expert Igor Miloradov will speak at the Session to discuss a wide range of topics, including:

  • Banknotes. Terms, definitions, elements of banknotes.
  • Types of banknote security features. Classification of the features.
  • Public, machine-readable and expert features.
  • Groups of security features.

– Protective properties of paper.

– Protective properties of paints.

– Protective properties of printing types and methods.

– Graphic security features.

– Additional security features and etc.

Among the PLUS-Forum sponsors and partners:

Global Sponsor – Gamma Center together with DoCash (Germany), Scan Coin (Sweden), Laurel (Japan), HYUNDAI MIB International (SBM, South Korea).

General Sponsors: JCM Global, Kalignite, Diebold Nixdorf

Chief Sponsor: Intel, Deep2000, MIDOT

Partners: StrongPoint, Abloy, Glory, ATM Alliance, GRG Banking, Z-Card, Best Quality Design, OKI, Europeum, Damack, Innovative Technology, SFOUR, Ritm, Lan ATM Service,  Lanter, PBF Group, NCR, Profindustry, Saga Corp., Rielta, Unicum, SNBC, Vitra Logistik, Giesecke+Devrient – LOMO, Bauflex, Multisoft, Sim2M, Ligat, CFT, EASTCOMPEASE, Ekassir, ATMMARKET, A-BT, RDS-Consulting, Sensis, Dataphone, MobileCat, Saltoro

Media Partners: Association of Banks of Azerbaijan, Association of Corporate Treasurers, Jobsora, Frank RG, Banking Review, Financial One, TRIBUNA, Banking and Finance Information Agency, Microfinance in Russia, Microfinance +, Association of E-Money and Money Transfer Market Participants, Prime, ICT2GO, ICTONLINE, Finance Time, ARSIB, Analytics without Borders, Finversia

The official webpage:  PLUS-forum.com